Home Inspectors

If you are buying a home in northern Idaho, or anywhere else for that matter, we strongly recommend you hire a licensed home inspector. Whether its a 70 year old home or a 10 year home, the inspection will give you more of an insight of what you are purchasing so protect yourself and your investment.
Below are licensed home inspectors in northern Idaho. Give a few a call and ask them a few basic questions such as, what they cover in their inspections. What their fee is and if they are available for questions after the inspection.

Idaho Choice Inspections

Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 255-8311
Web Site: http://www.idahochoiceinspections.com/

Call us to schedule your home inspection today. We are normally able to perform inspections within 2 business days! Available seven days a week with flexible hours.

B & B Home Inspections

Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 610-0289

Honest, experienced, prompt!

Eagle Eye Inspections Inc.

316 North 2nd Ave. Ste C Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-2333

Granite Hill Inspection

Phone: 208-871-8770

Email: patrick@granitehillinspection.com

My wife and I had a desire to build our own house around 1997, but we lacked a space to do it. After acquiring 5 acres in beautiful North Idaho we started building our strawbale house with our 2 young children. And, really, we haven’t stopped working on it since.
Years of research went into our house. During my research I became keenly aware of the interaction between home and home owner, and this is one reason we chose to build with straw. I suppose this is also what brought me to the home inspection industry. Homes are obviously a place we spend a lot of time, but before my research I really didn’t give much thought on how much a home can affect our well-being, mentally and physically. I now love investigating each and every home to understand it’s beginnings and it’s life. I desire to offer you the best of my abilities. Working in the construction industry has given me the knowledge of the nuts and bolts of how houses should and should not be put together. My education with the leading ASHI school has equipped me with a clear understanding of my role and responsibility as your home inspector. Home ownership is a huge investment. You will spend money and time on your home, and I want you to go into your new investment with open eyes and the correct mind set.

Panhandle Inspections

405 St Clair Avenue Sagle, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 610-0688

Residential and Commercial Property Inspections.

Peak Inspections Inc.

Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 290-2472
Fax: (815) 331-5288
Web Site: http://peakinspections.net/

Whether buying, selling, or just planning maintenance schedules for home, a home inspection offers valuable information. Peak Inspections offers computerized reports with digital photos to allow clients to make informed decisions about their home.

Local owner, Chris Munro has years of experience in home repairs and remodeling allowing for a thorough and knowledgeable visual assessment of a home's condition. You can receive your report via computer, in a bound paper copy, or on CD for your convenience. Offering flexible scheduling seven days a week and excellent communication skills to help you understand the home, Peak Inspections gives you an experience above the rest.

Sandpoint Inspection

71 Sweetgrass Lane Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 255-9954
Fax: (208) 255-5640

We all know how unpleasant it can be to make a purchase, then discover problems that were overshadowed by excitement and shiny paint. Get a professional, unbiased opinion before you buy!